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Collegiate Content

Earn money for creating high-quality content! When you join the Collegiate Content team, you get an instant pathway to flexible work, meaningful income and career growth.

Why Choose Us?

Interested in a flexible, work-from-home opportunity where you get to use your creativity and create content for a nationwide audience? Then Collegiate Content is just what you've been waiting for.

About Collegiate Content

Collegiate Content provides first-rate web content through a nationwide network of intelligent, motivated freelance content producers.

At the same time, we help our freelancers earn meaningful income and gain professional experience to aid them as they pursue future career paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

We produce blogs, website content, social media posts, infographics, videos, newsletters, metadata and more.

We're looking for writers, graphic designers, researchers, editors and videographers.

We can pay by Venmo or ACH.

We have a structured system where you can advance from Content Contributor, to Senior Content Marketer, to Field Marketing Manager, to Regional Marketing Manager. Each promotion comes with pay increases and potential bonuses.

Working with Collegiate Content helps you build your portfolio, strengthen your LinkedIn profile and resume, benefit from professional references and recommendations, and gain valuable management and recruiting experience.

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